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What is the NADCAP certification?

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NADCAP is the abbreviation of "National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program"which is the certification of the aerospace and defense industries for special products and processes in the aerospace industry. It is a system for certification of special products and processes in the aerospace industry, jointly initiated and developed by the US aerospace and defense industry giants, the US Department of Defense, SAE and other related institutions.
Its purpose is to replace the repeated special process review and certification on their suppliers with a general third-party certification solution, so as to effectively reduce the development costs and potential risks of their suppliers.

Development History
On November 1985, the government and industry peer partner meeting proposed solutions to the supplier's quality assurance system. On July 1990, the PRI (Performance Review Institute) was established as a non-profit organization and issued NADCAP standards. On July 2000, NADCAP was firstly launched in Europe and later on November 2002, the eAuditNet audits and reviews were fully released and on October 2003, NADCAP was launched in Asia. Currently, NADCAP certification is managed by the Performance Review Association (PRI). Airbus, GE, Boeing, Goddard Space Flight Center, Pratt & Whitney, and Ro-Ro are all multinational companies with high reputations among the members of the NADCAP community.

NADCAP Mission
NADCAP 's mission is to provide international, unbiased, independent processing technology and product review and certification services, so as to achieve value-added, reduce total costs, and promote the relationship between OEMs and suppliers.

The NADCAP project certifies high-risk special processes and products in the aerospace industry supply system: from electronic products to mobile distribution systems, from chemical treatment to material testing, from welding processes to heat treatment procedures. Each NADCAP project contains multiple sub-projects, such as heat treatment including at least 10 alloy families, 16 processes and 3 services. For every NADCAP project, there is corresponding SAE standard support. Suppliers who have passed product, process or service certification will be authorized by NADCAP to use project marks and certificates to show that the certified products, processes or services comply with applicable standards or specifications.
Refer to the following list for details.
NADCAP project standard
Non-destructive testing SAE AS7114
Material test SAE AS7101
Heat treatment SAE AS7102
Coating SAE AS7109
Chemical treatment SAE AS7108
Welding SAE AS7110
Unconventional processing & surface strengthening SAE AS7116, SAE AS7117
Sealant SAE AS7200/1, SAE AS7202
Distributor SAE AS7103, SAE AS7104
Aviation Quality System SAE AS 9100/ SAE AC7004
Flow Distribution System SAE AS7112
Elastic Seal SAE AS7115
Composite Material SAE AS7118
Electronics & Fasteners SAE AS7119 & SAE AC7113.

Why you need it?
It mainly has two reasons below:
1. It has become a mandatory requirement in the business process. For example, Boeing, Airbus, GE, etc. all requires their suppliers to pass NADCAP certification for special process projects;
2. NADCAP certification ensures that the quality of a particular process of the supplier's business is based on detailed and proven methods, and it also reduces the number of audits and costs for suppliers and OEMs.
Quality system requirements for NADCAP certification:
NADCAP certification requires the supplier to have an aerospace quality management system as the basis. If the supplier has passed the AS 9100 certification by a registered certification agent accredited by IAQG, then there is no need for an additional quality system audit during the NADCAP certification process. If the supplier does not currently hold AS 9100 certification, then NADCAP AC7004 audits are required

Certification process
Note: What is eAuditNet?
eAuditNet is an online system for NADCAP OEMs and suppliers to enter and obtain NADCAP credit information. Suppliers can get the pre-prepared questionnaire through it, and submit it to the PRI after completion to obtain an audited quotation.
NADCAP checklists are also loaded on eAuditNet. These checklists can help suppliers complete internal audits related to NADCAP. These are also the critical points that NADCAP auditors will pay attention to during on-site audits.
After the audit, the supplier can also see the details of the non-conformance items through the eAuditNet system and respond, as well as respond to subsequent questions from professional engineers.

Development status

Due to Boeing's mandatory requirements for its suppliers, NADCAP entered a period of rapid development during 2005 and 2006. At the same time, with the development of the aviation industry, the increase in subcontracting production, and the improvement of process technology standardization, there is also a great potential in demand and perfection in NADCAP certification. At present, a total of 86 domestic companies have passed NADCAP certification, such as Xi’an Aircraft Industry Corporation and Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The certification content involves 11 projects, the top three items are non-destructive testing (NDT)-56 companies, heat treatment (HT) - 50 companies and 44 went for chemical treatment (CP).