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  • Titanium Graphite Casting 55
  • Titanium Graphite Casting 55

    Titanium Graphite Casting 55

    With more than 50 years accumulation on titanium graphite mold castings, SUNRUI has the most skillful technology on the titanium graphite mold castings. Equipped with many CNC machines, titanium machined graphite castings are suitable for many industries like aerospace and aviation, marine engineering, valve and pump and so on.

    Our Custom Standard
    Min. Casting wall thickness 3.0mm
    Max casting size Ф2000mm x 1000mm
    Casting size 0.5~700kg
    Surface roughness Ra 6.3~12.5 µm
    Executive standards AMS 4985C ASTM B367 GB/T 15073-94 GB/T 6614-94 GJB 2896A-07 Q/W 67A-2007
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