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  • Titanium Plate (sheet) 75
  • Titanium Plate (sheet) 75
  • Titanium Plate (sheet) 75

    Titanium Plate (sheet) 75

    With high quality EB slab that produced by SUNRUI, SUNRUI can produces semi-finished titanium production, such as titanium plates, titanium sheets and titanium coils. There are pure titanium products and titanium alloy products.

    Our Custom Standard
    Category Cold rolled coil, Hot rolled plate, Cold rolled plate
    State Cold rolling Annealing, Hot rolling Annealing, Cold rolling Annealing
    Specification Thickness x Width X length (mm) 0.3~4 x 800~1250 x L, 3.0~60 x 800~1250 x 1000~3000, 0.5~4.0 x 800~1250 x 1000~3000
    Technical standard ASTM B265
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