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  • Titanium Ingot 71
  • Titanium Ingot 71
  • Titanium Ingot 71

    Titanium Ingot 71

    SUNRUI -TITANIUM have capable to produce high purity EB slab with advanced EB furnace, which is imported and owns 3600 KW. Titanium EB slab is especially used for further manufacturing to titanium plates, titanium sheets and titanium coils. The annual capacity of titanium slabs is 5000 tons.

    Our Custom Standard
    Brand Dimension Thickness x Width x Length (mm)
    Gr1 (CP Ti) 200 x 1290 x 5000
    Gr2 (CP Ti) 400 x 1290 x 5000
    Our EB equipment (Electron beam cold hearth melting furnace) 1.On-line caustic cleaning and chem milling.
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